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More news from the OOSA Print Shop

We’ve added Nathan Fox’s signed/numbered giclee print for Captain Victory #3 and have a special deal for you to buy all three of the Capt. Victory prints for only $100 for a limited time!

Liz Suburbia has new print available, as well.

And finally, all of the prints from Nathan Fox, Liz Suburbia, Toby Cypress, Andrew Maclean, Alexis Ziritt, Chris Visions and Ming Doyle are on sale until the end of the month. Including Alexis’ signed/numbered Krang print and Toby’s Universal Monsters prints that will be gone after Halloween!

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I’m almost done with reading 1Q84. 

book fanart

Now at Radiator Comics


Good thing too, it’s getting cold outside. I’m really happy to now be part of Radiator Comics, the distributor, producer, and small press run by dapper man & CAKE-organizer Neil Brideau, and the home of so many cartoonists I admire! Andrew JacksonOctopus, and How to Pool live there now, as well as here:

Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday



The police union held a press conference today to release information about the killing of VonDerrit Myers, whom they described as “no angel.”

Part One

Tuesday, October 14th

so when are they going to explain the 17 shots fired

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Photo Highlights from Ferguson October “Weekend of Resistance”

Quote from J. Myles
“Real talk- I did this for a weekend. These ppl here have been doing this every damn day. I’m exhausted over here wondering how ppl can handle the mental and physical strain. They are legit fighting for mike brown and the systematic racism we face as a ppl. [We], whoever all need to support them because this fight is for all of us. No way around that fact. “

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